Shine & Focused 3in1 Detangler 500ml

Shine & Focused 3in1 Detangler 500ml

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1. Detangles mane and tail hair
2. Add shine to mane and tail hair
3. UV protection for natural elements.

Formulated with luxurious bioactive plant-derived ingredients, high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, to provide volume, hydration, UV protection, shine and tangle free mane and tail hair.

 The SHINE & FOCUSSED 3in1 Detangler promotes intense hair hydration and shine with natural anti-frizz properties to leave your horse’s mane and tail shining bright in the beautiful rays of the sun.

The Flower Aromatics™ essential oil blend may assist your horse to connect with the energies nature provides.  These energies contribute to the alignment of mental, emotional and physical balance.