'Rose' Bridle
'Rose' Bridle
'Rose' Bridle
'Rose' Bridle

'Rose' Bridle

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The fashionable bridle "Rose" sparkles in rose-colored fittings and rhinestones on the headband. The special feature: the locking strap runs through an eyelet that can be completely removed in a few simple steps. To avoid pressure points, the eyelet runs between the noseband and the padding. The neck piece is anatomically shaped and cut extra wide. The bridle can be adjusted on both sides for an optimal fit. With rubber reins and webs (16mm).

- crank noseband
- rosé lining and fitting
- adjustable on both sides
- slim curved headband with pink rhinestones
- anatomical and extra wide neck piece
- noseband softly padded, conical and in pink
- removable locking strap
- rubberized reins with webs (16 mm)

A crank noseband offers a closed mouth of the horse like a drop noseband. When the straps are properly fastened, the horse's mouth is kept closed by the locking strap in order to stabilize the bit in the horse's mouth. If the noseband is not pulled too tight, the horse's breathing and nerve pathways will not be affected. Unlike the English noseband, the crank noseband has a pulley at the back of the noseband. Crank nosebands are mostly used for double bridles and dressage bridles.