'EveryDay' Bridle
'EveryDay' Bridle
'EveryDay' Bridle
'EveryDay' Bridle

'EveryDay' Bridle

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Super versatile with easy adjustment. The ultimate bridle for multiple horses. 

- Quick and easy adjustment with amazing comfort
- english noseband with adjustable on both sides
- oiled leather
- cheek pieces with carabiners
- throat lash is angled and can be quickly attached with a carabiner
- large buckles and oval shaped holes provide easy fastening
- very anatomically shaped headpiece with soft thick padding
- Invisible flash
- noseband and browband have small leather decorative elements on the sides
- with soft leather reins included with a rubber layer for extra grip and comfort.

black brown-black lining, light brown-brown lining. Pony, Cob or Full.